How National Education Systems Respond to Globalization: A Case of Korea

Mehmet Dinç
2.047 630


Globalization influences everyday life of us as much as it does events happening on
a world scale, from marriage and the family to global warming and educational
systems. Therefore like it or not no one can ignore the globalization phenomena
while it is being intensively discussed all around the world. Like any single concept,
education as well was affected by the globalization’s sudden popularity all around the
world. After the strong effect of globalization; education and educational elements have
become more important than before to compete with others and then governments have
put educational reforms in their agenda not only in developed countries but also in the
developing countries. South Korea is one of them and the government developed an educational
project (The Brain Korea 21 Project) which seems so efficient and fruitful at least
in short-term against globalization. In this paper impact of globalization on education and
impact of education on globalization will be glanced and then respond of national education
systems will be discussed by examining the case of Korea’s Brain Korea 21 project.

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